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  • llama_lover232 23 days ago

    Don’t worry about hangnails! @simplynailogical has a nail hack video to help you with your cuticles;)

  • rachel.cap.alot 23 days ago

    I’m confused who cleans there floor with a shirt 😐

  • evavesf 23 days ago


  • sweet_home.elahe 22 days ago


  • laurakate_clark 22 days ago

    Omg the last one. I can't. 😨

  • m_i_m_i_1_9 21 days ago

    Bananas attract mosquitoes and most defs don’t sooth a mozzie bite

  • elisekatsube_ 21 days ago

    wouldnt the banana peel attract more bugs?

  • edy_scarlat 21 days ago

    *my anxiety left the chat*

  • uuhgftf 19 days ago

    whose name is that woman?

  • shot_urban 18 days ago

    the skin thing was so sick howd you do thag

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