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  • radical.ronnie 25 days ago

    the milk helped her eyes so much that she didnโ€™t need to put her glasses back on afterwards because the milk gave her 20/20 vision

  • rizwanamaqbool 24 days ago

    use me as a WTF button

  • molliecxltart 24 days ago

    Okay letโ€™s just think, how the hell is her mascara/eyeliner still perfect after putting milk on her eyes!

  • ehsan.se59 23 days ago


  • nuri_ramdani09 23 days ago


  • gunarehadiyeva 20 days ago


  • naghmanajawed 20 days ago

    @faiza.jawed.31 chk solution for tired eyes

  • samereh6889 18 days ago


  • samereh6889 18 days ago


  • samereh6889 18 days ago


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